Domestic Environment

The interiors are designed to reflect the needs and lifestyles of those living there. The furniture has been chosen to create a place that feels and looks like home, and the big kitchen tables are places for people who live in the house, people who work in the house, and wider friends and family to come together to share and chat over meals.

Rooms are laid out to make objects easily accessible, the living areas are populated with personal and shared items, and people are encouraged to decorate their bedrooms and the living areas, giving the house its sense of identity.

Bringing The Outside In

In each household, the living area, dining room and kitchen come together into one space. This area opens up onto a terrace, bringing the outside into the houses and making it easy for people to spend time outdoors.

The households are arranged around greenery and shared outdoor spaces; these might be courtyards and gardens or terraces and winter galleries. This layout encourages people from different households to come together to spend time gardening, chatting or simply enjoying the wildlife. As well as connecting people and staff from different households, the outdoor areas are places for people to spend time with friends, family and the wider community.